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What you expected but with a twist, something "je ne sais quoi", you may call it a flair yet to get there we use the most trusted analytical approach - creativity does not manifest from thin air, it is the result of a scientific and rational process. When combined however, there is this extra ingredient of magic factored in. thisMILKshakes and swirls and grooves so get on our carousel.


Brand strategy + positioning
Is your audience hipsterish? Or are they Gen Z? Which age bracket do they fall into? Are they grouped in socio-economic classes or psychometric groups? No matter who they are thisMILKshakes you enough to get to them and make your product on their attention's radar.
Packaging design
Your product can be amazing, but without the ability to be differentiated on a supermarket shelf or a point of sale, the consumer has no ability to spot the amazingness in it.
Campaign innovation
Advertising is morphing, we are here to share such novelty items with you. These days one needs to associate the product to social, timely, even daily events happening!
Digital/Collateral design
A business card used to be the smallest surface upon which a logo is tested. Then came the instagram avatar. These days, digital is a native thinking. We can cover you there.
Digital marketing
Not all audiences are alike, not all social platforms are alike, and not all products are alike. Good thing we know how thisMILKshakes online.
Content production
When you're witty so are we, when you're serious here we are, when you're celebrating sparks will fly. What mood you are in, we translate it to your audience.


So here they are, without further ado, some of those companies which already teamed up to be part of thisMILKshakes roaster - they got shook, they tasted the flavor and they came back for more! And it was our pleasure to serve them more of what worked! With extra cream added because thisMILKshakes.

Join in! The more the merrier.

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